Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The System II

So I think I have come up with something that might just do what I have been wanting for a while.  In actuality it is going on three or four things that would do the job, but this last one feels right.  I have made a few characters with it now and am ready to test it out.  It would be so easy to come up with the characters we already have and just jump right in.

I think the trick will be teaching the players and getting them on board.  It is not that the group is close minded.  They might start thinking they are just Guinea pigs that I am running through my experiments.  The system though, I hope, will speak for itself.

It is as simple as I can make it while still having that D&D feel I was going for.  It only uses D6s and usually just one.  Character creation is straight forward and does what a good, simple system should do.  There are holes there, but those holes are meant to be filled by the play group using it.  At the end of the day, when all those holes are filled the system will really be what the groups wants it to be.